Red Dead Online Update To Add Playable Roles

Are you a Bounty Hunter, a Trader or Collector?

Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games have announced that another update is on the horizon for their rootin’ tootin’ cowboy simulator Red Dead Online, with this update adding three playable roles to the game: The Bounty Hunter, The Trader and The Collector. These specialist roles will allow players to truly make their mark on the Frontier how they want to.

Each role has their own skills and talents that can be upgraded. Bounty Hunters track down targets to kill or capture, depending on how honourable you are, and gain increased strength lassos, gun-spinning tricks and dead-eye tracking abilities, along with other items and upgrades. And yes, occasionally players with a high enough bounty will become targets.

The life of a Trader involves trying to start a business through your Camp, as you hunt animals for skins and materials to sell on for profit. Following this path increases the capabilities of your Camp, with a weapons locker and stew pot. You can also create hunting wagons for increased hauls, and train a dog to alert you of any incoming Camp attackers.

Collectors are probably the most passive role coming to Red Dead Online, as you scour the land for unique rarities like arrowheads, jewelry and more. Following this role will lead to items like a metal detector, refined binoculars and a horse lantern, along with additional skills that increase your ability to find these treasures.

Rockstar are stating that depending on the role and how far you’ve progressed, your experience with the world and its characters will change, which sounds interesting in theory but might be completely different in practice. Either way, players can make progress through all three roles simultaneously if they wish, allowing you to pick the role or combination of skills that are right for you.

Alongside these new roles, the new update will make changes to combat and movement to make the game feel more responsive. Red Dead Online will also remember if you prefer to play offensive or defensive when in Free Roam, and defensive players will receive additional damage reduction in an attempt to reduce griefing. More lootable items will be found in the world, and the new update will also allow you to reset your character’s appearance.

All of these changes and improvements are pushing Red Dead Online in the right direction. No word of a release date for this update as of yet, but it’ll be coming to PS4 and Xbox One later on in the Summer.

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