Ray Tracing Unavailable For Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition On Xbox Series S

Disappointing news.

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 5

Capcom have made the announcement that ray tracing for the upcoming Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition will not be available to Xbox Series S users. The feature will be added as a title update for Xbox Series X users, but those who purchase the Series S will have to go without. The news was announced via the below tweet.


So Why Is Ray Tracing Not Allowed On The Series S?

That’s not exactly clear right now. The Xbox Series S version of the game supports every other next-gen feature that Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition boasts, including the new modes, 120fps support, reduced loading times and much more. However, the Series S is less powerful than the Series X, so it’s possible that Capcom pulled the feature in order to ensure the Series S could still support other performance options.


Any News On The Vergil DLC?

Vergil as a playable character is one of the main selling points of the Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, but Capcom always said that he’d be available as standalone DLC for the original game if people preferred to spend their money that way. Capcom have since confirmed in a blog post that Vergil will launch on December 15th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for the reasonable price of $4.99 / €4.99 / £3.99. He will be usable across Story mode, the Void training area and Bloody Palace.

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