Purity Ring Have Previewed Their First New Track in Over Two Years

It's only 30 seconds, but even such a small dose of new Purity Ring is enough to get us bouncing up and down.

Since dropping the astonishing Another Eternity in 2015, and riding that wave across the world in a series of extensive tours, Canadian electronic duo Purity Ring have been keeping things relatively quiet. That all changed on Saturday, as they wordlessly uploaded a 30-second track clip onto a Twitter, a track which was then identified as ‘Asido’, an all new tune. Given the way Purity Ring tend to operate, this likely means that they have a new album in the works.

The preview itself doesn’t give too much away, a simple, elegant animation of someone walking across a nighttime landscape and a light, haunting chord progression with a heavily distorted vocal ebbing over it. Presumably the vocal itself was provided by Megan James, but I can’t help but notice that it sounds like a vaguely grumpy cat. Perhaps that’s by design, it wouldn’t surprise me. Maybe Danny Brown’s cat obsession rubbed off on them after they collaborated.

Whatever animal the vocal came out of, it’s exciting. Another Eternity was a masterpiece, a huge improvement on their debut album, which itself was an excellent piece of work. Hopefully news will continue to slowly trickle in about their machinations (another cryptic social media post suggests they’ll be broadcasting something on Beats 1 radio today), but if the jump from their first album to their second is anything to go by, we could be in for something truly amazing.


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