Potential Card For NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff

Who might we see face off during NXT UK's first trip to Wales?

NXT Takeover Cardiff
source: catch-newz

NXT UK dropped a huge reveal during Takeover XXV, confirming the date and location for the next UK Takeover special. NXT UK will be bringing all of their biggest stars to Cardiff for the brand’s second Takeover event. With a set of tapings taking place at Download Festival later this month, we can expect a lot of the card to be confirmed then, but for now, let’s have a go at predicting which matches we might see take place on August 31st.

With an established roster now finding their feet in the UK title picture, the tag and women’s divisions, we can start seeing some logical booking scenarios. I personally would love to see these matches take place at a Takeover event, the NXT UK brand is a beast that shouldn’t be slept on, if you haven’t already, I suggest getting started on the road to Cardiff.

Let us know your card predictions in the comments below.


1. Pete Dunne vs Walter – Last Man Standing Match

Walter with UK title
source: WWE

Pete Dunne is nowhere near ready to leave the United Kingdom Championship behind. After losing his UK title rematch to Walter due to outside intereference from Imperium, I believe there’s definitely room for one final match between the two biggest stars in NXT UK at the upcoming Takeover event. British Strong Style are in the midst of a trios feud with Walter and his two henchmen, so this will likely build to the final payoff between the two leaders in Cardiff.

I personally think a match this big warrants a first for NXT UK. With Travis Banks and Jordan Devlin already taking the first Falls Count Anywhere, perhaps Walter and Pete Dunne could participate in the first Last Man Standing match as their thrilling feud concludes.

Dunne and Walter would undoubtedly have an excellent main event match, adding in this extra stipulation would take it from being a show-stealer to an outright classic. This should be Pete Dunne’s swansong in NXT UK, it’s time for ‘The Bruiserweight’ to move on to bigger things, perhaps in US NXT or even the main roster.


2. Moustache Mountain & Travis Banks vs Imperium

moustache mountain
Source: WWE

A big juicy spoiler for you all, so look away now if you’re keeping up-to-date with NXT UK. Travis Banks is the next contender for Walter’s UK Championship. Having won the fatal four way against Devlin, Mastiff and Joe Coffey, Banks has a big challenge ahead of him. Sooner or late, Trav needs to enter himself into the picture and start fighting against the tyranny of Imperium.

Moustache Mountain seem preoccupied right now, so they’ll probably be kept away from the NXT UK Tag Titles for now. Giving them a match against the other members of Imperium prior to the UK title match between Dunne and Walter would be a good excuse for keeping Wolfe, Aichner and Barthel away from ringside during the main event.

To make up numbers on the babyface side, Travis Banks could lend his services and become an honourary member of Moustache Moumtain for Takeover: Cardiff. ‘The Kiwi Buzzsaw’ needs a big win under his belt to make him a credible threat to Walter in the coming months. There’s a chance that they could book Banks/Walter for the main event of Cardiff, and use Dunne as the third man in this match, but I personally think there’s more money in one last Dunne/Walter match before they let move on to Banks and his potential run with the belt.


3. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs Grizzled Young Veterans

Flash Morgan Webster
source: WWE

Flash Morgan Wesbter and Mark Andrews have formed a pretty popular tag team on NXT UK. Both native Welshman would likely be two of the most over performers on the show, making them the ideal team to face the Grizzled Young Veterans in an NXT UK Tag Title match. If NXT UK are looking for a typical feel good moment for the card, then this is the best time for them to give Cardiff a memory they’ll never forget.

Gibson and Drake have been a fantastic pair of champions on weekly episodes of NXT UK, having defended them against the babyface team of Kenny Williams & Noam Dar and the veteran team of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. It’s about time that one team finally usurps the Scousers for those glorious championships, in front of a crowd that would go absolutely rabid for their new champions.

With Mandrews being an original of the NXT UK roster, it’s about time he’s given some credit to his name. Flash Morgan Webster on the other hand is a worldwide sensation and has always been in that conversation for potential champions on the NXT UK brand. Now is most certainly their time, should the booking team be looking at their team as a long-term part of the tag division.


4. Toni Storm vs Piper Niven vs Rhea Ripley

Toni Storm
Source: Pro Wrestling Wiki – Wikia

The NXT UK Women’s division is shaping up quite nicely, with the additions of Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray in recent programming. Rhea Ripley is still loitering around the Women’s Title picture, and Niven is also in contention for Toni Storm’s championship. I think it would make the most sense for both women to challenge Storm at Takeover: Cardiff.

Toni Storm has been an excellent ambassador for the NXT UK Women’s division, but it’s time for some flesh blood in the scene. Piper Niven is a star attraction waiting to be capitalised on, it would be smart for NXT to start priming her as the next women’s champion.

Do I think that should happen in Cardiff? No. I think Ripley is the ideal middle-woman to help establish Niven as a rightful heir to Toni’s title. In the meantime, Storm could carry on fighting as a valiant champion, coming out as the victor in this triple threat. Either way, Niven should be in line for another title opportunity at a later date, this match should sow those seeds whilst tying up the Niven/Ripley feud.


5. Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey

Source: WWE

‘Bomber’ Dave Mastiff has been a low-key highlight of NXT UK, squashing numerous enhancement workers and establishing himself as the resident monster powerhouse. Mastiff was included as part of the first UK Takeover, in a match against ‘The Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis. As great as a rematch would be between the two in Wales, Dennis is still out with an injury. So we need a substitute.

Gallus’ Joe Coffey is also on that fringe of being a main event player in NXT UK, having challenged Dunne for the UK title back in Blackpool. A hoss-off between Coffey and Mastiff would be a huge match for the Takeover card, giving Gallus a feud to sink their teeth into whilst giving Big Dave another big win under his big belt.

Perhaps they could turn this into another No Disqualification match to follow up Mastiff’s fantastic bout with Dennis, maybe establishing him as the ‘hardcore’ one of the UK brand. This should be a great match regardless, which could come as a result of the fatal four way match.

With a handful of significant names left off of this card, what other matches could take place in Wales? Who could Jordan Devlin face? What about Noam Dar or Kassius Ohno? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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