POETRY SPOTLIGHT: Floki Alexius Moriarty

Floki poet

Who are you?
Mackem. Night Porter in Keswick. 23rs old. Master of Pokemon. Lover of straight whiskey and Beethoven.

Persephone’s Betrayal

Queen muse!  
Take me through the labyrinth  
As Persephone’s memory,  
No longer the greatest of mysteries,  
As even Calchas could not prophesize.  
My voice reaching into the past,  
Stealing Persephone from Hades  
As her Ichor now courses these 
bleeding veins.  
I a ship at Aulis, anchored to her 
black eyes.  
An Achaean; an Achaean  
Agitated for that Trojan prize,  
Waiting for the lambs  
Slit neck, slew blood that floods  
Slow, slow,  
To the road  
Where her mother wept.  
Oh! Daughter you have risen again  
But you are a ghost’s shed skin, 
A lost heart’s mirage.  
Apollo I can only gather for you a 
fragile smile,  
Seduced by the romanticism of her golden hair,  
Worthless as the raw olive.  

Oh! Aphrodite your loose lips  
Make grieving anger a doorway of time  
Forging the seeking of skeleton 
To infect the part of me that is 
already dead.  
Argh! My burning mortal blood flows 
Sprung from the well of the Styx;  
High from the milk of the furies  
I need to give up these lamentations;  
Stop feasting on her nectar breath of 
It is not her fault her heart of 
Was crafted by the carcass hands of 
No more is the electric feel of our 
Allowing us to lose ourselves within 
each other. 
Persephone I beseech to you upon two 
As a supplicant of woe.  
I will not pray for hope  
nor shall I pray for forgiveness,  
For they are the bravery of a coward,  
I only pray that you now return.  
So come hither Hades,  
Lurking in the bowels of Tartarus,  
And take your bride back to her place 
of home.  
As for you Persephone, well  
At least death made me love you  
Like I forgot to when you were alive.   


Steel Fall

Mist ghost steel clinks echo 
annihilating marble beams, 
craft translucent, cobalt smoke shadows 
revealing sullen time; empty ruined factories, 
lifeless hand chopped dynasties, 
workers blood replaced with liqueur; 
mouths burn voiceless asperities. 
Old drunk God wanders contemplating 
the Chinese blowjob, 
stopped my footsteps, 
words of venom. 

It’s disgrace! 
Molten oven no longer roars; 
me hands are as sick as death 
with nee one ta kill. 
I’ve had ta sell me kip, 
been there for thirtee yays 
so that Cameron can suck China’s cock. 
Aye ah use to mak steel for a livin’ 
now ah steal to mak a livin’.


La Bella da Carnivella

Act I 

Witnessed upon a morning star 
She wore her elflocks honey wild. 
We met her at a carnival, 
The dew soaked faery child. 

Act II 
Tears stained could not mask 
Rosy cheeks, fermenting youth. 
Death abated dwelling, on my  soul 
I swear, I swear it is the truth. 

Act III 

A flowery vision – her smile Earth 
Far lovelier was her intellect’s tale. 
Ravishing upon the fading myths 
I sought to join her creation trail.

Act IV

Spinning an atmosphere of a new found 
We sojourned about to night’s embrace 
With playful revelry  – new dawn rose, 
Light beams cupped her soft, cold 

Act V 

Seduced by her carnal magick, 
Her full body a river white curve. 
Laying our limbs primitive bare 
We delved with lascivious mirth . 


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