PlayStation Giving Gifts For Platinum Trophies Earned From Horizon: Zero Dawn


How’s this for a nice little extra for putting your all into a game? It takes me back to when total completion would give you unlockable content, something that is sorely missed in the modern gaming world. Yooka-Laylee gave you pants. Pants.

While it’s arguable that pants for a cartoon lizard is a better reward than this, it’s still neat to see PlayStation stepping in and rewarding players. Over on NeoGAF, an Australian gamer hunted all he could hunt in Horizon Zero Dawn and was gifted with a theme and an avatar.

Horizon Platinum

Horizon Platinum

Horizon Platinum

The email also lets the player share his achievement with his friends. It doesn’t add up to much when all is said and done, but heck. It’s better than nothing.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened, either; Bloodborne completionists also received a similar email. It’s unlikely that it will become the norm, just as a “special event” kind of deal.

Want to farm some Plats to hopefully get some recognition from Sony? Check out our list of the easiest Platinum trophies on PS4, but word of warning, you probably won’t be able to put up with half of them for long enough.

Our own Nick Monahan reviewed Horizon Zero Dawn or release, giving it a 9/10 and a hearty recommendation:

“Horizon Zero Dawn boasts a stunningly realized vision of the post-post-apocalypse, accompanied by a fascinating and chilling mystery surrounding the fall of civilization and surprisingly deep and strategic combat which combine to create one of the best new IP’s in years.”

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