Playlist of the Week: The Humanz League

If you haven’t been keeping up, over the past few weeks there’s been an avalanche of news about the upcoming Gorillaz album. We have a track list, we know all the featured artists, we’ve heard 4 new tracks, we have a release date (28/04) and we have a name: Humanz.

It goes beyond that, though. To run alongside this epic reveal, Damon Albarn gathered almost all the artists who will appear on the album together for a massive one-off show at Printworks in London. At the end of the staggering show, Albarn announced that while only around 90% of the featured artists hit the stage that night, all of them would be appearing at a special, Gorillaz curated music festival at Dreamland amusement park in Kent on the 10th of June called Demon Dayz.

Every consecutive Gorillaz album has been a showcase for not only British musical talent, but global musical talent, and the long stretches between each release almost turn the albums into time capsules for their musical eras. Seeing the incredible roster of artists featuring on Humanz doing their thing at a full-on one day festival is an amazing way to round out the Gorillaz musical legacy.

Chances are that even if you’re acquainted with a few of the artists on Humanz, you probably won’t know all of them, so to that end, our Playlist this week will guide you through everyone who features on the album, from Danny Brown to Grace Jones to Kali Uchi. The album itself likely won’t sound anything like the material on here, but you’ll be hearing all these voices, and it might give you a better idea of the sheer breadth of musical talent which has gone into this album, and every Gorillaz release to date.

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