Pacific Drive: How to Use the Tinkering Station & Fix Quirks

Tinkering Station Pacific Drive
Tinkering Station Pacific Drive

Is your car in Pacific Drive feeling like it’s possessed by some strange poltergeist? Is the steering reversed or are doors randomly popping open if you so much as move? You might have a Quirk and it needs to be fixed before the horn honking attracts an anomaly to attack you by no fault of your own. To fix a Quirk, you need to use the Tinkering Station in the garage. This strange terminal may seem like trying to play a game of 20 questions with tech support, but it’s easier to figure out than you may be led to believe. Here’s how to diagnose and fix Quirks with the Tinkering Station in Pacific Drive.


What is a Quirk and How Do You Get Them?

Quirks are random behaviors the car can develop after coming into contact with too much radiation damage, anomalies, or picking up Anchors and feeding them to the Arc Device. They occur almost at random, but typically if you stick around strong radiation sources or if Bunnies stick to your car often, you stand a higher chance of becoming infected with a Quirk.

Quirks range from benign to downright dangerous depending on what happened to get the Quirk. It can range from doors randomly popping open if you shift the car into drive or park to the car randomly stopping if you turn something on or off. And the only way these can be stopped is with the Tinkering Station.


How to Diagnose and Fix a Quirk with the Tinkering Station

The Tinkering Station is in the garage to the right of the car on the table, if you’re facing the same way the car is when you pull into the garage. It looks like an oscilloscope with a tape player next to it. When you interact with the Tinkering Station, you will see a UI come up with 4 columns. To progress you will need to properly tell the station the logic flow of the Quirk the car has developed correctly before being told the correct fix for the problem. The first and third columns are car parts and the second and fourth columns are for actions or verbs when those parts do something. So you will need to form a logical sentence to diagnose the car.

You will have to figure out the message by answering by the part and action that you perform to get the Quirk to activate. For example, if you suddenly steer to the right when you honk the horn you will need to input the diagnosis: Horn Is Honked -> Steering Wheel Goes Right. If this diagnosis is correct, the Terminal will then tell you the part or kits needed to give to the Terminal to fix the Quirk. If the diagnosis is incorrect, you will have a maximum of eight guesses to correctly find the Quirk. Parts for fixing quirks can be kits like Sealing Kits, Light Replacement Kits, or Mechanic’s Kits, even Refined parts like Gears or Circuit Boards. If your guesses fail, you cannot fix the Quirk in this instance of visiting the Garage and you will need to go on another expedition to be able to correctly guess the Quirk again. Thankfully with each guess the terminal will tell you how many steps are correct, but not which ones are correct. So you will need to be careful on spending guesses or have to live with the Quirk for another long stretch.


Can the Car Have More Than One Quirk?

Yes, the car can develop multiple quirks and you will have to diagnose each one individually. However, beware of spending all of your guesses on one quirk. If you are out of guesses, all remaining quirks will still be on the car for the next expedition until you return to the garage. You can easily skirt this by going on a simple drive to any destination on the map with ample Anchor energy and then opening a Gateway back on your first stop. This will spend resources, but it will allow you to reactivate the Tinkering Station again. There is no known penalty for doing it this way, but the only thing you will potentially waste is some materials on fixing vehicle damage if you happen to have an accident in the field during your next trip.

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