Pacific Drive: How To Find & Use Energy Anchors

Pacific Drive is a dangerous driving experience, but you have tons of resources to survive the dangers of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. One of the most crucial to utilize are Energy Anchors, these glowing orbs are not just for pondering. Energy Anchors are how you get back to home base and how to unlock recipes for crafting in Pacific Drive.


Where To Find Energy Anchors

Energy Anchors are found out in the open world during any expedition and are usually seen on these machines scattered about that look like a crescent shape with a pedestal at the base with a glowing orb on it. The orb is the Anchor and the color it is will indicate what type of Energy it will give you as a resource. Yellow is Stable, red or orange is Unstable, and purple is Corrupted.

You can locate what kind of Energy Anchors you can find even in the garage before leaving on an expedition using the Route Planner and scanning your destination. Scanning the point on the map will reveal what type(s) of Energy are present in the area. Once you are in the area you will need to locate Energy Anchors by using the Arc Device, which you can do by interacting with the screen and looking at the map. Anchors are highlighted by colored circles on the map and the Anchor is usually in the center of this circle. The bigger the circle is, the more units of Energy the Anchor will give you and the quicker you can use the Arc Device to open a Gateway to leave the Zone and head back to the garage.


How To Use Energy Anchors

When you pick up an Anchor from the pedestal, you need to install it into the Arc Device to power up the car’s ability to open a Gateway back to the garage. When you do interact with the Anchor and pick it up, move quickly as Anomalies will quickly appear all around you at random once you are holding the Anchor. These anomalies can potentially damage your car, so strategically place the car nearby so you don’t have to run very far to get back, but don’t park too close as a blast may come from the pedestal that damages the car if it’s too close.

Once you have fed enough Energy into the Arc Device, use the Map and pick a Gateway far enough away from your car to open up safely. Beware, once you do collect Anchors in the Arc Device, you will not be able to leave the current area you are in via an Exit Road. The only way to leave is via a Gateway. So you cannot bank Anchors and then leave for another area. When a Gateway is opened, you must drive through the Gateway to leave the area or be consumed by the Instability closing in around you. If you’re caught in the storm, it will quickly damage the car and you until you either leave via the Gateway or are annihilated. So don’t dawdle once you activate the way home.

Each Anchor given to the Arc Device will feed it a certain type of Energy to use via the Fabrication Station. Stable, Unstable, or Corrupt Energy will be needed to unlock or even craft certain recipes in the Station so be sure to stock up if you’re going out on runs purely for Energy gathering or hunting for parts. For what kind of recipes you should unlock, check out our articles on survival tips for Pacific Drive or how to use the Fabrication Station.

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