Overlord: Holy Kingdom – Release Date, Story & What You Should Know

Overlord Holy Kingdom
Overlord Holy Kingdom

Overlord is one isekai that has continuously been able to visually appetize fans, as well as deliver an equally well-off story that does justice to what a fantasy anime should be. It’s that same appeal that has led to it receiving four seasons so far, and just as the fourth season was signing off, the franchise announced that a feature film is on its way soon.

The movie’s official title has been revealed to be Overlord: Holy Kingdom, and to stir things up, the company has also circulated a teaser visual. Technically, the film is canon as it does adapt volumes of the manga, although if you’re an anime-only watcher, then there won’t be a ton you’ll miss out on— thanks to the way the studio is planning the movie.


When Is Overlord: Holy Kingdom Coming Out?

Unfortunately, Overlord: Holy Kingdom has not yet received its release date. A trailer hasn’t dropped either so it’s probably still a work in progress, but we’re sure it’s not that far off, so if we were to speculate a bit, then we’d say that you should expect it to arrive sometime in late 2023.

Crunchyroll has confirmed that it’ll Simulcast the movie, which is a relief for dub fans. Though it’s best you keep in mind that anime films have a habit of launching about a year later in areas outside of Japan.


What Is Overlord: Holy Kingdom About? (Spoiler Alert)

Overlord: Holy Kingdom is set between the seventh and eighth episodes of Overlord: Season 4. It’ll be adapting the Holy Kingdom Arc from the 12th & 13th volumes of the manga. The movie is basically a tie-in to what Demiurge, one of Ainz’s servants, was doing in the shadows while the events in the fourth season were taking place.

Demiurge will be shown to take up arms against surrounding nations, and he’s going to try to put all factions under the Sorcerer Kingdom’s banner. That’ll all be accompanied by stellar animation, of course, so definitely it’ll be a movie worth watching.


Which Studio Is Making Overlord: Holy Kingdom?

Like all previous movies and seasons, Studio Madhouse is going to be the one behind adapting Overlord: Holy Kingdom. The anime’s animation has always been quirky, and that’s something that works really well with the cast, especially how they made Ainz look dead but alive at the same time.

The anime hasn’t once disappointed yet, so imagining any other studio putting its hands on the movie would be a shock.


Where Will Overlord: Holy Kingdom Be Aired?

Out of all the places to stream anime, Crunchyroll‘s quality is unrivaled and its massive catalog further sweetens the deal. Every Overlord animation is available to watch there, so it’s a done deal that’s where Overlord: Holy Kingdom will stream too.

However, it’s not confirmed whether it’ll be available on day one. It might release in theaters first, and then a year later the home media version may follow. Watch this space.

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