Operation Blood Orchid: Rainbow Six Siege Gets Three New Operators

Available at the end of August for season pass holders.

The second season of Rainbow Six Siege is already well underway and the next big update is right around the corner. August 29th sees the release of Operation Blood Orchid and with it three new operators, one more than the standard two we’ve seen in new content patches.

Not much is known about the operators, except that two are from Hong Kong and one is from GROM: a Polish counter-terrorism unit.. The latter has been teased the most prominently, featuring in a video on Twitter that shows (presumably) her weapon – possibly a HK416 assault rifle – which would make her an attacking operator. The jeans are also a giveaway, so she’s likely to be quite agile.

As is tradition, a new map will also be added to Siege, which will be playable by all from the 29th. It is based on a theme park and is based in Hong Kong, going with the theme of Blood Orchid.

Rainbow Six Siege GROM

More details will be revealed during the Rainbow Six Pro League finals at Gamescom on August 26th. The new operators will be available to season pass holders on the 29th and everyone else will have to wait until September 5th.

It’s quite remarkable to see how far Siege has come since stumbling through one of the rockiest launch periods ever seen for a AAA multiplayer game. Rather than players dropping off, it’s consistently grown in popularity. It doesn’t hurt that Ubisoft are constantly updating the game with new content and working on bugfixes. Don’t be surprised to hear about the game getting a third season.

Check out extra footage of the GORM operator below.


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