Not For Broadcast’s Bonus Episode “Lockdown” Now Available

Control the broadcast, go to work. Sit in the sun, stay alert.

Not For Broadcast

NotGames and tinyBuild have announced that the bonus chapter of their satirical narrative sim Not For Broadcast, titled Lockdown, will be available today as a free update for the Early Access title. The chapter features old and new characters filming from home while the country is under siege by some animatronic toys. Check out the trailer below.

Not For Broadcast was originally scheduled to be a 10 chapter experience, but COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown happened right around the time NotGames planned to record chapter 2. Fortunately, the developers were able to scramble together and created Lockdown, with the actors recording their parts from their own homes.

The bonus chapter will incorporate the choices players made in the first chapter to produce some dynamic consequences, with 8 unique endings and 36,000 possible unique broadcasts. Lockdown will also introduce a brand new Challenge mode, which add some obstacles when it comes to managing a broadcast center.

In a press release, NotGames Founder and Director Jason Orbaum said this: “It was a conscious choice not to have a virus in our world. Our lockdown happens for altogether more surreal reasons.  We didn’t want to write a novelty piece that would date quickly or that dealt too directly with COVID-19. It felt insensitive and unnecessary.  We wanted to see how our kaleidoscope of characters would handle being in lockdown. We wanted to provide some laughter. A sense of shared experience.  And we felt we were one of the few games out there that possibly could.”

Despite being dealt a bad hand, it’s inspiring to see NotGames rise to the challenge and provide some quality content for Not For Broadcast. Will you be playing the game via Early Access? Sound off in the comments.

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