Ninja Plays Fortnite With Drake, Smashes Twitch Viewership Record

The internet can, sometimes, be a beautiful thing. There are quite a few cat and dog photos, but neither of those animals can play a popular battle royale game with  the world’s biggest hip-hop artist on a stream.

Ninja, who has pretty comfortably beaten the all-time subscriber count on Twitch, was recently followed by Drake on Instagram. One thing led to another another and as of right now, they’re playing Fortnite together. Take that, Ajit Pai.

The unlikely duo have unsurprisingly just beaten the concurrent viewership record for a non-eSports stream, which stood at roughly 380,000. At the time of writing, the viewership is 403,166, but has between that and 600,000 since the pair teamed up. It doesn’t hurt that Drake also tweeted out about the team-up:

It’s unlikely that they will beat the overall all-time record of 1.1 million concurrent viewers held by Eleague Major: Boston 2018, but we can dream.

Drake, going by the handle TheBoyDuddus, is playing on PS4 while Ninja is on PC. A couple of teething issues were almost inevitable, but after they managed to figure out Discord, a wonderful new friendship had begun and the God’s Plan jokes just started pouring in.

Sadly, Drake revealed that he has pineapple on his pizza, which means that we must now exile him from humanity.

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