Nic Cage Shows Up At Nic Cage Marathon, Gives Breathtaking Edgar Allan Poe Reading

Nic Cage
Image Source: Alamo Drafthouse

Imagine being the organisers of CAGED, the annual Nicolas Cage movie marathon held in Austin, Texas. It’s your fourth annual festival and as usual you send out an invite to Cage himself. It’s a reflex at this point, because you’re past hoping he’ll reply. But what do you do when he shows up?

And what do you do when he wants to do a dramatic reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart?

You let him read, obviously. Cage fans attending this year’s CAGED at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, held each January to mark Cage’s birth month, witnessed a live performance by the internet’s favourite thespian.

For years the internet has been vexed by the question; is Nic Cage a good actor? Hell, the sitcom Community devoted an entire episode to the puzzle and came up empty handed. But Cage’s reading of Poe’s short story will add only more fuel to the debate. Check it out below, in all its fascinating glory:

Cage also sat through some of his own filmography at the marathon, including Bangkok Dangerous and Lord of War. Oh, and he also treated everyone to a near 50 minute Q&A. Am I the only one who’s mind is blown by this?

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