New Overwatch Hero Sigma Available Now On PTR

"What is that melody?"


The 31st Overwatch hero, Sigma, is available to play right now on the PC’s PTR server. The new hero was revealed yesterday via a new story trailer, showcasing an astrophysicist experimenting with black holes. Naturally, things go wrong, leading to the vulnerable scientist being recruited (see: used) by Talon. Check out the brilliant story trailer below.

As for Sigma’s abilities, Sigma is a barrier tank that utilises his control over gravity to dominate his opponents. His primary fire, Hyper Spheres, are orbs that can bounce off surfaces and explode, dealing splash damage. His secondary fire, or right click ability, is an Experimental Barrier, which has 1500 health, moves forward just like Symmetra’s old shield ability but can be stopped on demand, and can be picked up and redeployed at any time.

Defensively, Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp absorbs incoming projectiles and converts them into shields. He can absorb up to 400 shield, which combined with his 400 base health (300 health, 100 shield), makes him a force to be reckoned with. As for an offensive tactics, his Accretion ability sees Sigma launch a giant rock at his foes, dealing decent damage and knocking enemies down.

His ultimate, Gravitic Flux, sees him fly around before placing a large radius on the ground. After a small period of time, any enemies caught in the area will be launched into the air, allowing your teammates to get some follow-up damage, before slamming into the ground, dealing further damage. If you’ve got a pesky Bastion/Orisa comp, a Gravitic Flux sounds like the real remedy. For more details about Sigma, here’s the Overwatch Dev Update below.

No word yet on when Sigma will be making his way from the PTR to the world at large. Baptiste took 3 weeks to graduate from the PTR, while Ashe only took 10 days. Expect Sigma to grace Overwatch proper within the next month, either way. Are you excited for Sigma? Sound off in the comments below.

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