Minecraft: How To Make Rails

How to Make Rails in Minecraft
How to Make Rails in Minecraft

Traveling in Minecraft is fun, especially for those who just started playing the game and exploring all kinds of wonderful biomes. When mining, having a fast and easy transportation system between your base and the mining area is a great thing to do, but you will need to get your hands on some rails.

If you want to make a rail system for easier traveling, let’s learn how to make rails in Minecraft first.


Minecraft Rails Guide

Materials to Make Rails in Minecraft

You can make Rails reasonably early in the game, where you can only access stone tools. However, it’s recommended to equip yourself with some iron armor pieces first. Here’s everything you need to make Rails in Minecraft:

– 6x Iron Ingots
– 1x Stick

Here’s more info on where to find those materials.


6x Iron Ingots

Minecraft Iron Ores
Minecraft Iron Ores

The most common way to obtain Iron Ingots in Minecraft is to smelt Iron Ores, Deepslate Iron Ores, or Raw Irons in the furnace. You can find these blocks by mining randomly underground or by searching for the iron veins. Each block will give you 1 Iron Ingot and 0.7 experience points.

Furthermore, you can find Iron Ingots in chests spawned in most Minecraft structures, such as villages, strongholds, mineshafts, and woodland mansions. Each chest has a medium chance of containing 1-9 Iron Ingots.

Minecraft Iron Golem
Minecraft Iron Golem

On the other hand, locating a village and slaying the iron golem is also an excellent way to get 3-5 Iron Ingots. Other mobs like zombies, zombie villagers, and husks have a 0.83% chance to drop 1 Iron Ingot on death.

Alternatively, you can put 1 Block of Iron into the crafting area to get 9 Iron Ingots or convert 9 Iron Nuggets into 1 Iron Ingot.


1x Stick

Craft Sticks

Stick is one of the most common materials in Minecraft. You can craft 4 Sticks using 2 Wooden Planks of any wood type or craft one stick with 2 Bamboo.

Witches have a slight chance of dropping 0-6 Sticks on death. This number can be increased to 15 if you have Looting III enchantment on your weapon.

Dead bushes, leaves, bonus chests, and chests in the village are good sources for collecting Sticks. In the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, there is a new archaeology feature where you can brush the suspicious sand to get a Stick with a 0.14% chance.


Crafting Rails

Craft Rails
Craft Rails

Once you have all the materials above, go to your crafting station and right-click on a Crafting Table. Then put a Stick in the center slot, and fill the columns on the sides with Iron Ingots to craft 16 Rails.


Where To Find Rails

If you don’t want to craft, there are multiple other ways to get your hand on rails.

First, go mining and try to look for a mineshaft. Naturally, a mineshaft is generated with a lot of rails in them. You can also find some chests here with a 78.4% chance of storing 4-8 Rails.

Last but not least, the pumpkin king room in the woodland mansion structure contains 18 Rails. However, this is a deadly place to get Rails, so we recommend crafting them.

Minecraft is available now.

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