Minecraft: How To Make A Door

How to Make a Door in Minecraft
How to Make a Door in Minecraft

Minecraft can be intense at night, especially if you don’t have a proper shelter. As you progress through the game, you may need doors to create functional and aesthetic entrances for your base.

If you want to secure your base even more, here’s how to make a door in Minecraft.


Minecraft Door Making Guide

Minecraft Door Materials

Players can make wooden doors and iron doors in Minecraft.

To make a wooden door, you will need a Crafting Table for a 3×3 crafting area and 6 Wooden Planks.

For an iron door, you will need 6 Iron Ingots instead.

Since a Crafting Table is made from another 4 Wooden Planks, you just need to get your hands on 10 Planks in total.

Depending on the type of doors you like, you must collect the proper materials to craft them.


Where To Find Planks

Minecraft Wooden Blocks
Minecraft Wooden Blocks

Planks are the common materials in Minecraft that can be crafted from logs, stripped logs, wood, or stripped wood. Plus, you can use any wood type in the game for this recipe, such as oak, birch, spruce, jungle, dark oak, acacia, crimson, warped, mangrove, and cherry.

The easiest way to craft planks is by harvesting logs from the trees. Each log will give you 4 Planks.

In addition, you can find different types of planks spawn naturally in most Minecraft structures, including mineshafts, villages, woodland mansions, strongholds, shipwrecks, swamp huts, ocean ruins, pillager outposts, and ancient cities.


Where To Find Iron Ingots

Smelting Raw Iron for Iron Ingot
Smelting Raw Iron for Iron Ingot

If you want to make an Iron Door, go mining underground instead and find at least 6 iron ores. You will get raw iron if you don’t have a Silk Touch (Link Silk Touch to the How to Get Silk Touch post) pickaxe.

When you have the iron ores, deepslate iron ores, or raw irons, smelt them in the furnace to get Iron Ingots and some experience points.

There are multiple other ways to get Iron Ingot in Minecraft, such as looting chests, crafting, or killing mobs. But mining and cooking iron ores is the most straightforward method.


Minecraft Door Crafting

Craft Doors in Minecraft
Craft Doors in Minecraft

When you have all the required materials, craft a Crafting Table first by putting 4 Planks in a 2×2 area. Then place the Crafting Table down.

Right-click on the Crafting Table, then put 6 Planks (or 6 Iron Ingots) as two columns to craft 3 Doors. Depending on your wood type, the door’s texture will be different. So, make sure to research carefully about which door fit your base the most before crafting one.

Alternatively, you can find doors spawning naturally in Minecraft in the following locations: villages, strongholds, shipwrecks, and woodland mansions.

Minecraft is available now.

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