Mauro Ranallo Rejoins WWE As Part of NXT Commentary Team

Expect NXT chants to be replaced with MAMMA MIA henceforth.

Despite regularly dragging WWE following his mysterious departure, Mauro Ranallo has revealed that he will be rejoining WWE.

Serving as a member of the NXT commentary team, Ranallo is now a very busy man. He’s a mainstay with Bellator, the announcer for Mayweather vs. McGregor (which will probably give him enough money to retire on), and is now featuring on Wednesday nights.

Despite the rumours, Ranallo has been quick to dismiss any bullying from JBL as part of his decision to initially leave the company.

Here’s the announcement:

You expect the Ranallo we saw at CWC to make a return, the shrieking, passionate caller who earned himselves plenty of fans. NXT is less scripted (somehow despite the show being pre-taped) than its bigger brothers, so Ranallo should have the freedom he need.

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