Massive Attack Share Visceral Video for ‘Voodoo In My Blood’ Starring Rosamund Pike

massive attack rosamund pike
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When Massive Attack dropped their surprise Ritual Spirit EP last month, air raid sirens everywhere went into blitzkrieg mode, because fuck me Massive Attack dropped a new EP out of the blue and it was mega like a megaton bomb. The sirens were surprised they were still standing and had citizens still left to warn – because sirens are sentient now and incredibly melodramatic.

Anyway, it was the first release from the pioneering trip hoppers since 2010’s full length Heligoland, and even though it’s just four tracks, such was the quality of those four tracks (and come on it’d been six whole years of waiting!) that it was pretty hard not to get amped up about the return of Massive Attack. Not to mention the return of, British rap royalty, Tricky to the fold, having not recorded with the group since 1994.

The EP was quickly followed by the ominous and alcoholically choreographed video for ‘Take It There’ starring Oscar nominee John Hawkes. An incredibly good video, that would surely be a hard act follow, were it not so brilliantly followed by the video for ‘Voodoo In My Blood’ that appeared online today.

Starring the award winning and multi-multi-award nominated Rosamund Pike, the video is a comparatively more stripped back affair to that of ‘Take It There’, but all the more affecting for it. Set in just one location, and focusing solely on Pike, the video follows a shall we say unusual encounter – though, if you’re familiar with John Simm’s run as the Master in Doctor Who or gory horror film series Phantasm it won’t seem all that unusual – and the results is surprisingly tense and quite visceral viewing.

The track itself features Scottish hip hop group Young Fathers and is both awesomely atmospheric and a suitably chilling soundtrack for the video. Check it out below, and wonder what other Oscar nominated star will make an expertly choreographed appearance in the next video (here’s hoping there’s another). Mind you, if Rosamund Pike’s response to being asked about her involvement in the video is anything to go by, maybe this wasn’t just  a video…

“Am I involved?… Someone said the girl in the video looks like me. I have been to the Joe Strummer subway. I did have a strange encounter there once.”

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