Mark Hamill Voices Chucky In The Latest Child’s Play Trailer

They changed Chucky's backstory. Get over it.

Child's Play 2019

Orion Pictures have released a terrifying new trailer for the upcoming Child’s Play remake, which you can watch below. If you jump to 1:43, you can also briefly hear Mark Hamill as Chucky, and although he doesn’t say much, his delivery will give you chills.

Directed by Lars Klevberg, who previously helmed a series of Norwegian horror shorts, Child’s Play will serve as a reimagining of the 1987 classic, although this time Chucky will be a robot instead of being possessed by the spirit of a serial killer through the use of voodoo claptrap. A number of fans were unhappy about this revelation, although regardless of your thoughts on how the new film alters Chucky’s backstory, there is no doubt that Mark Hamill will do a great job as the voice of the murderous doll. Because nobody does murderous psychopath better than Mark Hamill. Just listen to some snippets of him as the Joker to get an idea of what we mean.

Gabriel Bateman will star as Andy Barclay, an unfortunate boy who is given the malevolent Buddi doll as a gift by his mother (Aubrey Plaza). Brian Tyree Henry will also appear as a detective investigating the bizarre string of murders, which will no doubt lead him to cross paths with the Barclay family.

Given the sudden resurgence of R-rated horror at the box office due to the success of films like It, Halloween, The Conjuring franchise, and the works of Jordan Peele, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that MGM, who own the rights to the original Child’s Play film, were so eager to produce a remake. So regardless of how fans of the franchise may feel, we can expect Child’s Play to be a huge hit when it opens in wide release across the US on June 21.

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