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Netflix’s Lucifer was widely popular worldwide during its six-season run. What we initially thought to be a show about the devil working with a homicide detective turned out to be one of the most romantic love stories we’ve ever seen. There’s no doubt that the cast and story made Lucifer a global success, but there may be doubt if it’ll return for another season.

Season 6 gave us closure with several characters and an unforgettable bittersweet finale. The way it handled Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship may have closed out potential sequels, but it also serves as the perfect ending for the show. However, will the series really end there? Or is there hope for another Lucifer season down the road? To clear things up, here’s everything you need to know about Lucifer: Season 7.


When Is Lucifer: Season 7 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, there’s no release date for Lucifer: Season 7. It’s also unlikely that Lucifer will get a seventh season at all. When the previous season was released, Netflix advertised it as the final season of Lucifer. Unless Netflix decides to reverse its decision and renew it for another season, Lucifer: Season 7 isn’t going to happen.

However, we could potentially get a reunion between the cast at some point. Given how iconic the show was and the cast’s chemistry with each other, Netflix can hold a reunion special to relive the show in the future. At least then, we’ll see the actors together again and reminisce about their time on set.


Will The Cast Return For Lucifer: Season 7?

Since the show has ended, the cast won’t return for Lucifer: Season 7. All of them have parted ways with their roles and moved on to other projects. Tom Ellis, the series lead who starred as Lucifer Morningstar, will star in an upcoming rom-com film called Players this 2023. He’ll also team up with his wife, Meaghan Oppenheimer, and actress Emma Roberts for a Hulu series titled Second Wife.

Still, there’s a slight chance we’ll see Tom Ellis star as Lucifer Morningstar again. If you don’t know, Netflix’s Lucifer is part of the DC Universe. Tom Ellis even made a cameo as Lucifer Morningstar in Crisis on Infinite Earths back in 2019. If Netflix agrees to give DC full rights to Lucifer, we might see more of him in the DCEU.


What Could Lucifer: Season 7 Be About?

Considering the previous season’s ending, it’ll be challenging for the writers to think of new stories with the original cast. Nonetheless, we can speculate on what Lucifer: Season 7 could be about if it were to happen.

Major spoilers ahead, since Lucifer is in Hell to help the souls there and Chloe has passed away and joined Lucifer, it seems that continuing the series there is hard to justify. For Lucifer to leave his position, a catastrophic event will have to happen on Earth that’ll prompt him to take action. But that seems improbable since he didn’t even leave for Chloe’s death or his daughter’s birth.

Nevertheless, if Lucifer becomes a part of the DCEU, then they might think of a reason for our charming devil to return to Earth.

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