League of Legends Patch Adds Option to Mute Pings

You belong in a museum!


The official League of Legends Twitter account has just announced that the option to mute pings will be available in tomorrow’s upcoming 7.10 League of Legends patch.

According to Riot, “You’ll find the option on the tab menu, right next to the chat-mute button”, which will mean that you can mute pings with ease whenever someone is spamming you for some sweet, sweet ganks.

7.10 is looking to be an interesting patch all around–whilst muting pings is one of the things we’ll be seeing, we can also expect some changes to ARAM that will help balance out some of the changes made in the previous 7.8 patch. We’ll be seeing things like more magic resist, increased gold on Minion deaths and more.

The 7.10 League of Legends patch is due to go live for all players tomorrow morning.


Are you looking forward to the patch? Do you think Riot should’ve added a “mute pings” option earlier? Let us know in the comments below!


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