Jimmy’s 5 Best Games of 2018

Jimmy definitely didn't do this in five minutes because he forgot.

God of War Review 13

Heck, I forgot to do my best games list. Alright, James, let’s rush this out last minute and nobody will notice — it’s not like anyone cares anyway.


5. Wandersong

Wandersong review

Happy bard, sad bard, lightly weeping Jimmy.


4. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Is there a colon in this or not?


3. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

So awe-inspiring that it controlling like a refrigerator with rheumatism doesn’t hurt it much.


2. Dead Cells

Dead Cells

The Dark Souls of *entire being dissolves as Twitter collapses in on itself*


1. God of War

God of War Boss fight


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