(Sponsored) How The Inner Circle is changing online dating

The Inner Circle

Modern singletons are almost spoilt for choice when it comes to dating apps. Having tried a few myself before meeting my current girlfriend, I can safely say that I wouldn’t like to go back to somewhere like Tinder or POF ever again.

Preferring fleeting connections over long-term ones, these services didn’t help me match with women that I was compatible with, like, at all. When you also consider the fact that those women must have had hundreds of potential partners all vying for attention at once, it’s little wonder why I didn’t find much success.

However, if I had known back then what I know about The Inner Circle now, I might have just put my swiping finger on ice.

The Inner Circle is designed for guys (and girls) who prefer romance over short-lived interactions. Each member is manually approved, meaning that the process isn’t as immediate as Tinder, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing. Give The Inner Circle just a short amount of time and they will be able to help you find a match based on shared interests and more than just a catchy bio.

The Inner Circle

They haven’t been around for the longest time, but they’re already making waves having won several awards and created thousands of lasting matches. They are comfortable going offline, too – they regularly host exclusive events where potential couples can meet in a friendly environment.

Worried about there being too many fellow single guys looking for love? No need; The Inner Circle comprises of 60% women in the UK. The gap was even so big at one point that they had to temporarily stop applications from women to even it out.

Feeling less than inspired by the dating game? Want to base your chances on more than just a swipe and a prayer? Give The Inner Circle a chance to help you find the one for you. What do you have to lose?

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