Green Hell: How To Get Rid of Worms

Worms are the true terror of Green Hell.

green Hell

Green Hell is such a difficult and testing survival game that even going to sleep is a bit of a risk. Not because a jaguar could potentially pounce on you at any second, but there’s every chance you could get rid of worms, which are more annoying than you could possibly believe if you’ve yet to encounter them.

Worms will almost certainly embed themselves in your skin and wriggle around (yum) if you sleep directly on the jungle floor or in a bed that is not elevated off the ground like a hammock is.

These worms may not seem that threatening, but that can be absolutely disastrous for your sanity, being one of most efficient things the jungle chucks at you in terms of making you crazy.

To stop Jake from losing his marbles, there’s an easy way to rid him of worms in Green Hell.

First off, you will need to have killed a fish and harvested it for its meat, and so on. However, what you’re really after are the fishbones.

Fish Bones green Hell

Each killed fish gives you a handsome amount of bones (how gracious of it). I would recommend you always carry at least a few on you for emergencies.

To get rid of the worm, simply go into inspect mode via the wheel by holding C and then select inspect. From there, drag the fishbone onto the affected area and it should remove the worm.

Your work is not done, however. You will need to apply a bandage, or it may (almost certainly will) get infected.

Craft a leaf bandage by using a single Molineria leaf and then applying it over the wound using the inspection tool. Molineria is a plant that has yellow leaves at its base.

If you don’t cover the wound or have dirty hands while doing so, it may get infected. If that happens, you can use maggots, which are found on decayed animal corpses, to eat away at the infection. Lovely.

Green Hell

Once the maggots have worked their magic, you will then have to reapply a leaf bandage or the infection process may start all over again.

From our Green Hell review:

“Green Hell wants to put you through hell and back in an uncompromising and original survival experience with one of the best narratives the genre has ever provided to boot.”

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