Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Microtransactions Put Everything Up For Sale


Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the sequel to 2017’s Wildlands, and Ubisoft’s big release this year going into the coveted Christmas season. Breakpoint is set to bring even more of what made Wildlands a success, with its blend of tactical shooting set in the new open world environment on the island of Auroa. This time around, the story will give focus to new protagonist and ghost gone rogue agent, Cole D. Walker (Jon Bernthal).

After his performance in the Netflix The Punisher series, Bernthal is a huge selling point for the latest instalment in the Ghost Recon franchise. However, one detail that might work to hurt those sales is Ubisoft’s addition of microtransactions.

A Reddit post from user Blinkk8704 has captured numerous screenshots of Breakpoint’s in-game store, highlighting a quite frankly absurd amount of microtransactions to buy just about everything and anything equippable in the game.

This ranges from customisable clothing to weapons bundles and their numerous attachments, as well as materials and even skill points.

In full, there is the option to purchase:

– Gun bundles
– Blueprints (to make the guns)
– Gun attachment bundles
– Individual attachments
– Individual guns
– Cosmetic items
– Melee weapons
– Camo gear and paints
– Materials
– Skill points (“Time Savers”)
– Various weapon upgrades
– Battle Rewards boosters (Breakpoint’s battle pass)

It may well be possible that these items and cosmetics can be unlocked by playing the game, but Ubisoft is making their stance clear early on by pretty much allowing players to buy almost everything outright from the store.

This has caused a huge amount of controversy online, with debate raging on about the worth and necessity of this ‘time saving’ option. In his reddit post, Blinkk8704 pointed out that, on average, a single cosmetic item can cost around $6.

Of course, people can freely spend their money however they choose, but for many, this may come across as an easy ‘out’ and negate much of the reason to play and grind in Breakpoint in the first place. With the in-game store being so vast, and with so much on offer, this is arguably one of the most replete microtransaction stores available straight away from any game at launch.

Do you agree with Ubisoft’s choice to put pretty much everything up for sale? Let us know in the comments below

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