Details Surface On George Lucas’ Original Plans For Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Luke Skywalker
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An interview transcript inside James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, a companion book to AMC’s television series of the same name, has revealed some concept information on what George Lucas had planned for his Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Regarding the next three films following on from Return of the Jedi, Lucas had planned for the story to take place in a microbiotic world, inhabited by creatures called Whills, which not only fed from The Force, but also surprisingly had the ability to control the entire universe. This is an entirely different narrative than the one Disney provided us with in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and also sounds like a completely different story altogether.

Take a look at the transcript below:

Lucas goes on to say that had he kept the company Lucasfilm, he could and most likely would have made the trilogy, regardless of whether the fans liked it, because to him at least the whole Star Wars story would have been told from beginning to end. Say what you want about George Lucas, but it’s evident that he really does believe in trying new things and taking risks with a franchise, even one as big as Star Wars.

Are you glad with the direction Disney took? Or would you have preferred Lucas’s original vision?

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