Freaky Friday Sequel in the Works

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Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is working on a Freaky Friday sequel. Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, who both starred in the original 2003 movie, will be reprising their roles. Elyse Hollander, who directed short films like It Was Romance and Nikolai, will be penning the screenplay.

Freaky Friday was released 20 years ago, so it does feel a tad odd that talk of sequel is only happening now. Disney seems to have developed a trend of this of late, as we saw with Disenchanted last year, coming into the picture 15 years after the first movie was released. It’s basically the same strategy as with all their live-action remakes. By working on a sequel or remake of a familiar property, this guarantees them a ready audience. This is also an opportunity to bring new audiences into the fold, and help sustain their viewer base for years to come.

Freaky Friday was a huge success, grossing US$160 million globally. In an interview with The New York Times, Curtis mentioned how she continued to get questions about a possible Freaky Friday sequel when she was promoting Halloween Ends. Curtis is the one who called her friends at Disney after to suggest possibly making a sequel. She said: “Something really touched a chord. When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.'”

Hopefully it works out for the best, and doesn’t end up being an unnecessary sequel we would all rather forget.

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