Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Week 7 Blockbuster Challenge Battle Star Walkthrough

Fortnite v3.5

Today’s the day: it’s the dropping of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite, and for plenty of us that means the unlocking of a new skin you’ve been working towards for seven weeks. Don’t expect to finish all your weekly challenges weekly, however: the Risky Reels chest challenge is nothing short of bonkers.

Once you’ve finished all your challenges for week 7 and the 6 preceding, you unlock the Visitor skin and the loading screen – you do not need to find the Battle Star to also unlock the skin. If you’ve unlocked the loading screen for week 7 and don’t know where you can find your free Battle Star, which unlocks one whole tier of your Battle Pass, we have a week 6 Blockbuster Challenge Battle Star walkthrough for you.




This one may not be immediately obvious; you may not even think that you have a Battle Star to find this week, it’s hidden that well. However, if you zoom in, you may notice a very blurry shape above a pod on the right side of the image.

Week 7 blockbuster

If you’ve ever dropped at Dusty Divot and been following the meteor’s progress since the first week of season 4, you will know exactly where you need to go.



week 7 blockbuster 1

week 7 blockbuster 1

Couldn’t be more straightforward if it wanted to be, this one. Simply land on top of the biggest and most central building in Dusty — the one that houses the meteor — and break through its roof to fall more or less directly on top of the Battle Star.

week 7 blockbuster 3

week 7 blockbuster 4

week 7 blockbuster 5

Simply walk up to the Battle Star and hold your interaction input to claim your free Battle Pass tier. One of the most straightforward ones of season 4 that’s very rarely trafficked — everyone is probably still struggling to finish the Risky Reels challenge.

If you’re new to Fortnite, we have a bunch of ways to help you out. Don’t really know what you’re doing? We have some straightforward beginner’s tips. Once you have the basics down, be sure to read up on our building tips to help you be as good — no — better than Ninja. Probably.

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