Fortnite: Predator’s Cloaking Device Stats & Location

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Fortnite Predator Device
Fortnite Predator Device

With the arrival of the Fortnite v15.21, Predator is now in the game as a boss character with his skin available imminently for those who have purchased the Battle Pass and have completed his challenges. He also brings with him a new Mythic in the form of Predator’s Cloaking Device, an item that might not go down as the most popular Mythic ever but is certainly fun to use.

Basically a replica of what he uses in the movies, Predator’s Cloaking Device allows you to go invisible for a short period, not unlike the Shadow Bombs of old, though without the same verticality, meaning that it’s probably slightly more balanced.

Here’s everything you need to know about Predator’s Cloaking Device in Fortnite: Season 5.


Predator’s Cloaking Device Stats & Tips

Duration30 Seconds
Cooldown30 Seconds

As it doesn’t do damage, Predator’s Cloaking Device doesn’t do damage so it doesn’t have stats per se, though it does last for thirty second and also has a cooldown for thirty seconds.

Predator’s Cloaking Device is a bit of hard sell, unless you really need to be guaranteed a fairly safe rotation. It deactivates when you enter water and will also be turned off when you try to swap to anything else in your inventory. Deactivation lasts for a whole second so you will be briefly vulnerable as it shuts off.

However, if you simply want to move to another circle or maybe slink away from an enemy, it’s pretty useful, though it just turns you invisible, it doesn’t help you jump higher or anything like that.


Predator’s Cloaking Device Location

Fortnite Predator Location
Fortnite Predator Location

As for how you can actually get the Predator’s Cloaking Device, you must defeat Predator, which is actually also a challenge to unlock the skin itself for those who own the Battle Pass.

Predator can be found in Stealthy Stronghold, a POI added at the start of Season 5 that is almost directly north of Pleasant Park. He has no set location in the POI and instead roams around, much like Wolverine in Season 4.

He will be cloaked until he attacks, so listen out for what sounds like a heartbeat to show you where he is, as well as his iconic scream. Predator will only hit you with his melee attack and can do 70 damage in just a few swipes if you aren’t careful.

Defeat Predator
Defeat Predator

Once you damage Predator significantly, he will run away, so just chase after him and follow the audio clues. He has roughly 300 HP in total, so if you just shoot him with any shotgun and then try to finish him off with an SMG, he should then be eliminated fairly easily.

Predator will drop his Predator’s Cloaking Device along with other items.

Predator's Cloaking Device
Predator’s Cloaking Device

Predator’s Cloaking Device certainly isn’t the best Mythic ever added to Fortnite, though it’s certainly one of the most interesting.

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