Fortnite: Where To Find Gunnar’s Stinger SMG Mythic

Fortnite Mythic Stinger
Fortnite Mythic Stinger

Gunnar’s Stinger SMG is the best version of Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 1’s most controversial weapon, the Stinger SMG, in its Mythic form.

Only available in one location, this Mythic Stinger SMG has a high rate of fire and damage, but added recoil, making it a slightly harder weapon to control than its normal version. It’s likely going to eliminate other players just as fast, even if the Stinger has been consistently nerfed.

Here’s where to find the Gunnar’s Stinger SMG Mythic in Fortnite.


Gunnar’s Stinger SMG Mythic Stats

WeaponStinger SMG
Fire Rate12
Magazine Size30
Reload Time2 seconds

As mentioned, the Gunnar’s Stinger SMG is just a stronger version of the regular Stinger. It does 22 damage per body shot with a fire rate of 12, making for a DPS of 264.

The Stinger is best used as a short-distance weapon and is very good at keeping pressure on opponents in boxes thanks to its high rate of fire. Remember to pull down while shooting to control the recoil.


Gunnar’s Stinger SMG Mythic Location

The Mythic Stinger SMG can be found in Covert Cavern, a new POI added in Fortnite v19.20.

Fortnite Covert Canyon
Fortnite Covert Cavern
Fortnite Covert Cavern
Fortnite Covert Cavern

Players must defeat Gunnar, an IO Brute who acts as a boss character, to claim the Mythic Stinger SMG, along with the Covert Cavern Keycard similarly to how Brutus worked in The Grotto.

Fortnite Gunnar
Fortnite Gunnar

Gunnar can be found patrolling anywhere in Covert Cavern, but we often found him within the largest open area beneath the massive hole on top of the POI.

Gunnar is a tough opponent with 650 HP and 650 Shield. You may remember him from the finale event in Chapter 2, in which he’s easily bested by The Foundation. He’s no pushover here, so make sure you keep your distance.

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