Fortnite Cross-Play Between Xbox One and PS4 Enabled

Fortnite Xbox One review 2

Last week, we reported on the news that zombie survival game Fortnite was getting a PUBG inspired Battle Royale game type, but it appears that there is more to this news than initially anticipated.

Multiple players who are testing the mode right now in the public test server are reporting that Xbox and PS4 players are able to participate in the same games together.

The key to identifying this difference is the difference between Gamertags and PSN IDs, as PSN IDs don’t allow for spaces. Gamertags do. Initially, these occurrences were shot down as PC players joining the server, but a quick cross reference proves that Xbox players and PS4 are engaging in a jolly good spot of virtual murder. This is it; the dream is alive.

Fortnite Xbox One review

Whether or not this is an accident, if this had been approved by Microsoft and Sony, or even if this is Epic Games going into business for themselves just to prove that cross-platform play is viable and that everyone should get on board, is currently unclear.

An official statement from Epic themselves is currently forthcoming, but this still remains a landmark moment in the ongoing cross platform debate. People may look back on this day as something akin to the fall of the Berlin Wall. If Fortnite can do it, perhaps it won’t be long before the proverbial floodgates open, bringing cross-platform play to the masses. Wouldn’t that be something?

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