BREAKING: Former ‘Frasier’ Star ‘Accused’ of Assault


Moose the Jack Russell Terrier, best known for playing Eddie in the hit US sitcom Frasier, is the latest celebrity to fall under the spotlight of Operation Yewtree it was announced yesterday.

Two victims have so far come forward to testify about the former star’s behaviour, accusing him of a string of offences such as indecent assault and attempted rape.

The unnamed victims are believed to have been audience members who went there to watch the show only to find themselves assaulted by the actor between takes.

An insider said: “We all knew what he was like but he was a big star. What could we say?” While another claimed: “His handler dismissed it all as just a bit of fun but he would go straight for your legs and start humping you if you got too close to him.”

The father of three played the character of Eddie for ten years. In the show he was Martin Crane’s faithful dog, and a favourite with millions of viewers, but off-camera those who worked with Moose saw a different side of him.

“He was like an animal,” one eyewitness claimed. “He was constantly jumping up at you when you were trying to eat, sniffing the seats in the auditorium and going for other dogs whenever they were brought in, especially lady dogs. I even once heard his handler refer to them as ‘bitches’. It was sickening.”

Moose’s millionaire co-stars have so far refused to comment on their former colleague’s behaviour but with the formation of a victims’ compensation fund a number of others are expected to come forward, including extras, former interns and pizza delivery boys.

Yet no charges will ever be brought against Moose. He died in 2006 of natural causes aged 15.5 (108 in dog years) and was buried in a family plot in West Los Angeles. And while the police have not yet requested to excavate his final resting place, several pairs of leggings and a beach ball have been taken away for DNA testing.

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