Firewalk’s Concord – Everything You Should Know

Concord PS5
Concord PS5

The May 24th, 2o23 PlayStation Showcase was abuzz with multiplayer titles. Among the mix was Concord, a new PvP first-person shooter from developer Firewalk Studios. The brief trailer was exactly that, offering very little in terms of context as to what players can expect. It wasn’t until Ryan Ellis, Concord’s game director, stepped in with a few details that we knew the marginal information we currently do have.


Concord Release Date

Unsurprisingly, we didn’t get a solid release date with Concord’s reveal trailer. However, Ellis stated on the PlayStation Blog that they’re shooting for a 2024 release. It’s difficult to gauge when in 2024 at this point, especially without knowing how far along into development the game is. However, we can probably expect a few more details to trickle out before the end of 2023 with maybe even more shown at The Game Awards in December.


What Kind of Game is Concord?

All we know right now is that Concord is a PvP first-person shooter, which could mean it’s similar in style to games like Apex: Legends, Valorant, and Overwatch. The trailer offered some suggestions as to the overall look of the game, and it appears to be geared more toward a retro aesthetic. Even the synthesized soundtrack sounds like it’s pulled right from a 1980s science fiction movie.

One interesting aspect of the trailer is a series of five colors—brown, red, orange, yellow, and what appears to be white—that carries throughout. It’s on a box of shoes, painted on lockers, and even printed on food containers in a refrigerator. Whether that means anything is questionable, but the prevalence of that color scheme (even in the hyperdrive effect) seems intentional.

Of course, we could dissect the trailer to no end and still have no idea whether we’re making mountains out of molehills. There’s certainly a lot of stuff lying about the ship, including some figurines, a plant next to a computer flashing what appears to be the silhouette of an unusual organism, and many personal effects.


Who is Firewalk Studios?

Firewalk Studios was formed in 2018 and became a subsidiary of PlayStation Studios in 2023. You may not recognize the name because Concord is the team’s first release. The studio was established as part of ProbablyMonsters before eventually falling under Sony Interactive Entertainment’s umbrella.

Key members of Firewalk are not new to game development, though, and share credits on the Destiny franchise. Ellis served as creative director while Elena Siegman was the game’s producer. Additionally, Tony Hsu was Activision’s general manager and the senior vice president of Destiny.


What Platform Is Concord Releasing On?

Concord is currently slated to release on PC and PS5. There’s no word as to whether the game will drop on the Xbox ecosystem at some point or if it will launch on PS5 before PC, but an Xbox launch is highly unlikely.

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