Far Cry 6: How To Fish

Gone fishun.

Far Cry 6 fishing
Far Cry 6 fishing

Fishing is one of many side activities in Far Cry 6 that’s bound to just soak up a bunch of your time.

Fishing is first unlocked after completing the Fuel the Revolution mission given by Benito Menguez on Isla Santuario, which will give you the Fishing Rod as a reward. It should take you about two hours or so to reach the point where you unlock it, unless you rush through the missions.

To equip your Fishing Rod, enter your weapon wheel and find it on the bottom left.

Use your Fishing Rod near a body of water, like the sea or a pond, and then use your fire button to cast your line. Gently press your ADS button to reel your line in, which will alert nearby fish.

Far Cry 6 fishing
Far Cry 6

Once one bites, then you have to try and reel it in.

It can be tricky to reel in a fish in Far Cry 6, but the basic idea is move your right stick or mouse in the opposite direction that they are swimming away while also reeling them in, eventually tiring them out so that they more or less swim straight to you.

Be sure to watch your line, which will turn red when it’s about to snap. Ease up on pulling the line when your rod color starts darkening; when a fish jumps up, that’s a good window for you to start reeling them in again.

Far Cry 6 fishing
Far Cry 6 fishing

Catching fish is a pretty important part of the upgrades system in Far Cry 6 as they can be traded for resources like Recycled Glass and Durable Plastic.

You can also change your lure and upgrade your fishing rods at workbenches throughout the map.

Far Cry 6 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Stadia.

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