Far Cry 5: 6 Things We Want To See

Just like Origins, Far Cry 5 might need to vary things up from the template to really impress.


The season of big releases is now upon us, but one game that will be missing 2017 is Far Cry 5, which has been scheduled for release in February next year. The bigger reveal at E3 was one of the highlights of the Ubisoft press conference and the hype surrounding this game is insane.

The Far Cry franchise has experienced an element of success, with Far Cry 3 the last game in the franchise that really stood out for me. I felt that Far Cry 4 was trying too hard to be its predecessor and while Far Cry Primal is a damn good game, I eventually grew tired of doing the same thing over and over again. So with that in mind, here are 5 things that we want Far Cry 5 to offer us upon its release.



Far Cry 5 2

The premise of Far Cry 5 is set to be one of the key selling points about the game. What has been revealed so far is a religious cult called Eden’s Gate has taken over the fictional Hope County and you play as a the sheriff’s deputy with the overall aim of bringing the cult leader to justice.

Now, although the storyline is the most appealing thing about this game, it would be an added bonus if Ubisoft added a touch of depth to this story.

How did the cult come about? What effect has it had on the County? These are just little things that I would want to see in game because in the previous games, one thing that really is lacking is the story. We know Ubisoft are capable of delivering great storylines, so why would Far Cry 5 be any different?



Far Cry 5

This is something that was first touched upon in Far Cry 4 and its DLC, where you had to rebuild Ajay’s house and also construct a base to defend yourself from attacks whilst playing through the DLC. This same thing was expanded in Far Cry Primal, where you had to build a village to keep your people safe.

An expanded version of this would really fit in well with the direction the game is going, and if they included things such as recruits to aid your cause, or added bonuses for building a certain bit of kit, then this would not only expand the game, but also make exploring the map worthwhile. Every game needs a distraction from the main storyline, and the Far Cry series have done this very well with their hunting and animal taming sidequests, but for those who weren’t a huge fan of that, giving them something to work towards can both be very satisfying and rewarding.



Far Cry 5 characters

One of the things that made Far Cry 3 so enjoyable was the cast of colourful characters that were included throughout the game. From the outstanding antagonist Vaas to the arms dealing priest, Longinus, who resided in a church with more weapons than the Chinese military, all these characters helped make the game the masterpiece that it is.

Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal lacked the inclusion of these characters and with the storyline that Far Cry 5 is centred on, the possibility of including some of the most outrageous characters to date is there for the taking.



Far Cry 5 sniper

Taking over outposts and seizing supply lines has been one of the main features that the series is built on, but in some cases this can be both extremely frustrating and also rock hard. In Far Cry 4, the difficulty spike whilst trying to seize the outposts was insane, and although there was a bonus for managing to do it stealthily, the difficulty spike often made that trickier. Although this is a fun, and often highly rewarding, it would be nice for Ubisoft to include a fresh set of side quests to try and reinvigorate the game.

The possibilities here are endless and they need to look no further than Ghost Recon Wildlands in order to garner some ideas. Assassinating key members of the cult or even raiding sermons are just some of the possible sidequests that could be included. One of the things that is often being bounced around the internet is that the Far Cry franchise is just the same thing, but set in different eras or locations. Including this slight moderation in Far Cry 5 could be a game changer, and Ubisoft must acknowledge this if the franchise is to have a future.



Far Cry 5 2

Although the Far Cry series does have some of the largest maps in gaming to date, I tend to find that these maps are just filled with fillers to make the world seem bigger. Far Cry 4 was just tacked with mountains and ruins while Far Cry Primal was really just filled with trees and not much else. With the setting of the game being in Hope County, a fictional state of the USA, Ubisoft must ensure they pull out all the stops in order to make it look like a little slice of America.

I want to see gas stations, stores, farm land and when I’m exploring the game map, I want to be able to feel not only that I am in Hope County, but that the people and structure are worthy of being saved from the religious cult. I understand there are limitations, but other franchises from Ubisoft have managed to achieve this, so why can’t this be brought over to Far Cry 5?



Far Cry 5 sniper

I won’t get on my soapbox again about this issue (I promise) but we all know what has happened to Ubisoft games when they feature insane amounts of microtransactions (For Honour and Assassin’s Creed to name but a few). So the short and sweet point of this is simple – Far Cry does not need microtransactions. Although Far Cry 4 did feature microtransactions in the form of new guns and different aesthetics, I strongly believe that including any more than that will kill this game before it gathers any steam

Far Cry 5 is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of 2018, but Ubisoft follow the same road as they have done with other games in the past, then it will join the ever growing list of over hyped games currently on the market. What would you like to see in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 is due to be released on February 27, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.