E3 2014: Uncharted 4 Announced for 2015

uncharted 4

In the midst of a pretty lengthy Sony conference, the new Uncharted was announced for release sometime in 2014.

We were treated to a high-spec trailer which involved Nathan Drake waking up from a bit of a nap in a riverbed. Quite how he got there is a mystery and a voiceover of he and Sully discussing “one last job” clears up little.

Uncharted 4

But considering this is Drake we’re talking about, he probably exploded out of a spaceship and was eaten by a great white upon landing back on Earth before being spat out back onto the surface.

Whatever the case may be, the hype is building quickly for Naughty Dog’s newest release but sadly there was no room for mention of a The Last of Us sequel, though the remastered edition for PS4 had its fair share of exposure.

uncharted 4

Check out the trailer for Uncharted 4 below.