Selected Poems by Alex Davies

Alex Davies takes a break from his journalistic ventures with us to bring you some of his brilliant poetry.


The Double Dip

The man walked down the shop lined road,
he walked with little grace.
Yet in his mind he didn’t care,
wealth written on his face.

The man was Rich by name and wad,
a banker-man for sure.
That burden though would soon be gone,
a man stood by the door.

As Rich walked past the man stepped out,
and threw a hand at him.
Some dust came out and marked him white,
and so began the skim.

The man yelled out for Rich to stop,
the man said he was Jim.
He pointed out the chalky mark,
and wiped it with a grin.

The rest followed to Rich unseen,
Jim’s hands slipped out and in.
His pockets picked – his shoulder clean,
once more the perfect sin.

Jim’s hands you see were very fast,
much quicker than the eye.
Jim’s practice paid great dividends,
when with his words so sly.

Jim’s hands did not once stop brushing,
and yet the objects flew.
He threw them up high through the air,
to land safe with his crew.

His crew of one – a man named John,
carried a news paper.
The goods, they landed neat in it,
right there ended the caper.


Fuck, Shit , Bollocks!

Fuck is a little harmless word
but people take offence.
Yet here’s some reasons not to care
they’re listed here and hence:

It is a little word that fits
in so many contexts.
It can be used in anger-rage
to amplify a hex.

A word that lots of people use
to make their feelings known.
Still on the airwaves ev-ry day
it is carefully shown.

Shit too has had a tough old time
its meaning is irate.
Just please learn something about it
before you choose its fate.

It is a word so many use
when things don’t go to plan.
Though over and above all else
it’s the result of bran.

This word it does frustrate me some
it’s often said with writ.
Yet in a letter from your boss
it really doesn’t fit.

Bollocks are just awesome things
that carry future life.
But thanks to certain peoples’ ears
their world is full of strife.

It can be an amazing word
when speaking of a dog.
Of course – it means the opposite,
when sinking in a bog.

It is a British favourite
a word we really like.
We used to use it through the war,
to put down Hitler’s Reich.

And so I put it forth to you
will bugger lead the way?
It is no longer offensive,
but was back in the day!


Writer’s Frusration

I’m tortured – I’m tainted – I’m far from relaxed,
I’m wound up – frustrated – my words are not waxed.

They tell tales – they paint scenes – but never complete,
to finish – to be done – impossible feat.

The mole hill – ‘comes mountains – the simple complex,
each starts small – each grows tall – each leaves me perplexed.

One good plot – one great line – that’s all that I ask,
the mettle – the patience – to finish my task.

I’ve tried hard – I’ve struggled – I’m in this so deep,
will ever I finish – will ever I sleep?

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