Domino’s Hosting A Movie Night, Completely Misses Point of Movie Night

So Domino’s Pizza is hosting a screening of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on Facebook this Sunday. I guess you’re supposed to squint at your computer screen and type out why you like the funny bits, thus “interacting” with your fellow movie fans. Fun for everyone?

Look, I grew up in the VHS era. Going to a movie theater was a treat, an indulgence made mostly on birthdays and special occasions, or when Batman came out. I’m used to watching movies outside of their intended format. To this day, I prefer the home viewing experience to going out and paying a bunch of my hard-earned money to hang out in a space where loud and unruly teenagers might ruin my viewing experience. All this is to say that I’m no film purist screaming from the rooftops that movies need to be seen on as big a screen as possible in a darkened room. I just think maybe you should pay attention to the damn thing.

But doesn’t it seem a tad disrespectful and, dare I say, cynical, for a huge corporation to host a movie screening where the movie itself is virtually an afterthought, where the main point of the thing is to type stuff out on your keyboard, trying your best to be witty?

I mean, I’m pretty sure you can stream Ferris Bueller whenever you want. And Domino’s Pizza tastes terrible anyway.


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