How Disney Survives the Zombie Apocalypse

When one sits and watches a Disney film, whether for the first or umpteenth time, one can only sit and ponder these beloved characters. Whilst pondering, one always finds oneself returning to one key point, and that will always be: how would this character fair in a zombie apocalypse? Because you simply cannot get on board with loving a Disney character until you are referring to yourself in the third person as ‘one’ and you know that cards on the table that they could throw down when the dead rise and start eating motherfuckers left and right.

So, you’ve sat there pondering and picturing, and though you have a rough idea about how and who you’d most likely like to shoot the shit with post-the-last-grave-emptying, you can never truly know how it’d go. That was until deviantARTist Kasami-Sensei took up the challenge, and created his series of images called ‘The Walking Disney’. Because zombies and the letter D.

When viewing these images, I think you’ll find the answer to the question of which Disney characters could handle a zombie apocalypse is FUCKING ALL OF THEM. Capital letters and swear words included. Seriously, look at how badass they all look here, it’s not even close to being up for debate if they could, it’s clear as fuck they can. Though, I’m not wholly sure why all the female characters decided relatively skimpy clothes boast the greatest protection and comfort option for such a situation. What’s going on with Belle’s self-wedgie/leotard is anyone’s guess. As a plus though, Hades has Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead written all over him, and that’s just great.

Anyway, feel safe in the knowledge that, when the time comes, those characters who comforted you through childhood will be able to save you from brain hungry corpses too. And that somewhere I will always be miming to versions of ‘And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going)’.











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