Danny Boyle Teases Third Movie in 28 Days Later Franchise

Are we going to get a 28 Months Later?

Fans of the stellar zombie movie 28 Days Later can rejoice, for director Danny Boyle recently revealed in an interview with The Independent that a third movie is in the works. Well, possibly. Boyle reveals he and Alex Garland (who wrote the script for the first movie) “have a wonderful idea” for the third film that he promises isn’t “stale”. The two also worked together on the film Sunshine, with Boyle directing and Garland handling the screenplay.

However, it is unclear if this discussion of ideas will move forward to something tangible, since Garland is focused on his own work now. His current projects include TV series Devs (he wears both the writer and creator hat for this) and working on the screenplay for movie Halo, which is film that will be based around the video game. To add, Garland did say serious talks were underway for the third movie in 2015, but now it’s four years later and nothing has transpired.

28 Days Later shares a very similar premise to the opening of The Walking Dead series, with a man waking up from a coma to discover that the world is now overrun by zombies, which according to creator Robert Kirkman is a complete coincidence. 28 Days Later was released in June 2003 and Kirkman’s first issue had already been crafted by then. He made the decision not to rework the first issue since he felt the content was different enough that it wouldn’t matter – he was wrong about that. The sequel 28 Weeks Later, while not as successful as its predecessor, had a decent showing at the box office (it made 65 million USD with a budget of 15 million USD).

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