DEV DISCUSSIONS: ArrowGround Games, Creators of The Extinction


In our newest discussion with an indie developer who’s going about things the right way, we talked to Dominik of Arrow Ground Games about his newest game, The Extinction. From the footage and screenshots we’ve seen so far, it looks like it could be some serious fun. Be sure to check out its Steam Greenlight page once you’ve finished reading the interview.

Hi there, how are you?
Haha, thanks – I’m fine! Also, thank you Jimmy for an opportunity to talk about the game.

Tell us all about The Extinction.
The Extinction is an indie 2.5D Space Shooter. In the current stage, the game focuses on the arcade type of gameplay, which obviously is not that challenging, but still fun. The player has an opportunity to play four modes including the most expanded one – Side Campaign. In this mode, the player has to invade planets which provide money and resources like iron or fuel, then protect them with defensive buildings and finally, get to the boss of the solar system and destroy him. While playing this mode, you can always complete side missions, to get more money and XP and explore, freely the void between the planets to search for some more resources. The game also offers Profiles, ranks and of course more XP!

What made you want to create a 2.5D space shooter?
Back in the day I thought there aren’t many 2.5D space shooters on the market currently… Well.. at least not many of these type of space shooters, that I’m developing right now.. By that, I mean that it doesn’t have only arcade gameplay but some more advanced gameplay mechanics as well and by “advanced gameplay mechanics” I want to say about all these systems like: invading planets, trading system, side missions, profiles, ranks, xp. I thought that it would be kind of genuine and could bring some fresh-retro feel to the industry.

How has the production process been so far?
Well, at the beginning it was pretty hard.. I had that moment of disappointment and thinking “I don’t know if I can make this game like I want it to be”, but, well, after a long time in development, I learned a lot about programming and now I laugh about the problems I had back in the day. Now, I can almost make whatever I want. It’s going pretty good right now, I’ve recently remade some systems in the game to be more “dynamic” and efficient.

Do you have any tips for aspiring developers?
I don’t consider myself as a very experienced and talented developer, but I think the most important thing is to NOT GIVE UP if something goes wrong and I feel like you can’t progress further. Also, the “not give up” rule is very important after you release your first game or screenshots of the actual stage of the game, while reading comments, reviews or watching people’s reactions on YouTube. You shouldn’t be getting angry if they aren’t exactly how you wanted them to be. You just have to read them, then realise what was wrong in the game and then try and fix it. That’s the whole point – trial and error!

Which of the game modes are you most looking forward to showing off to players?
It’s not really like some modes should be better than others, but I would certainly want to finish the Side Campaign gamemode, Multiplayer and then finish the Story Mode. It’s a long way ahead, but after The Extinction gets greenlit (if it even will get greenlit) I want to finish this game with help of community! So, who knows what the game will contain in the final version.

What else are you working on right now?
I’m working on a secret project (I’ll keep it secret for now, haha) and it’s about time. I can assure you that it will be some fresh new genre which hasn’t been used a lot lately. Some more info about this will come in late 2015!


Why should be keeping an eye out for The Extinction?
Well, if it will be greenlit, I’ll try to really update this game with some good stuff, stuff that people want in the game. This game is quite different from the opponents as it’s a little bit of a more complicated arcade-ish spaceshooter with side missions, two campaigns and multiplayer. It’s the game that you can play to get chill and relaxed, no stress needed!


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