Defend the House is the Best Thing on YouTube This Year

Defend the House

Defend the House (DTH) is a YouTube channel that answers your every question about myths in video games.

Think you can shoot someone through a horse in Battlefield 1? DTH has the answer. Can you survive the fall off the Golden Gate Bridge in Watch Dogs 2? DTH has got you covered. Ever wonder whether you can enter a locked building using furniture in Fallout 4? Then worry no more!

DTH is someone that I stumbled upon whilst aimlessly wandering the corridors of YouTube in-between make up videos and the ever present cat video. I was instantly hooked with the myriad of different videos on different games

What brings me back time and time to DTH is the fact that he constantly updates his channel, answering people’s questions and then uploading quality videos to either debunk or prove myths in games.

My favourite video so far is DFH tackling the myth of whether you can jump from one plane to another.

Wait until 2:20 to marvel at this Battlefield myth, but he doesn’t just concentrate on Battlefield 1; he also tries his hand with Fallout 4, GTA V, The Division, Just Cause 3 and much more. So the next time you’re stuck without something to watch, I would highly recommend watching Defend the House.

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