Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Mines A Major Rock and Milestone

DRG Survivor
DRG Survivor

Ghost Ship Publishing and developer Funday Games have today announced that Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, the Vampire Survivors-alike but with dwarves, has already surpassed 1 million sales.

On top of that, a new salt biome will be landing in the game on March 20th, 2024, as the first major content addition to the game since it came out in Early Access in February.

From the press release:

New Biome – It’s time to venture deeper into Hoxxes IV, Miner. Salt Pits are being added to Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor as a fourth biome, allowing dwarves to weaponize their surroundings as they target specific stalagmite clusters to rain sharp stalactites on bugs. 

1 Million Copies Sold – One million brave dwarves have ventured below ground exactly one month after the release of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, and Funday Games and Ghost Ship Publishing are excited to work alongside their community as the game progresses through Early Access, launching its first major update on March 20th.

Early Access Roadmap – The Salt Pits update is part of a larger roadmap that Funday Games have announced for the game. The team anticipates Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will be in Early Access for 6-12 months before releasing into 1.0, with more modes, mission modifiers, weapon overclocks and enemies on their way.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is available now on PC. It’s pretty great on Steam Deck, too.

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