DC Comics Exhibition Coming To London

DC Exhibition

After a roaringly successful opening in Paris, London will be the next city to host DC Exhibition: Dawn of Superheroes in collaboration with DC Entertainment, Warner Brothers’ Consumer Products and Art Ludique-Le Musée, the first museum dedicated to the art of entertainment. This distinctive and idiosyncratic exhibition will be a celebration of the world that DC comics have created across 80 years, full of its own rich history, mythology, style and stories that have inspired creatives over the decades.

The exhibition will feature over 200 original comics pages as well as more than 300 sketches and concept pieces of various characters across the DC spectrum, including iconic superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, as well as the menacing antagonists that have also come to stand as icons in their own right. These original art pieces alone have a combined value of approximately $30 million USD.

Not only will the Dawn of Superheroes exhibition display the artwork of famous DC figureheads including Bob Kane, Jim Lee and Frank Millar, it will also be showcasing original costumes and props from the iconic films, both new and old, encapsulating the journey that superheroes have taken over the years on the cinematic platform.

Classic costumes from the 1970s including Christopher Reeve’s Superman cape and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman outfit from the popular television series will be on display. Costumes spanning all eras of Batman in film will also be displayed, from the late 1980’s with Tim Burton’s dark and gothic style, to Joel Schumacher’s stylised extravagance, Christopher Nolan’s gritty realism that changed the game for the industry as a whole and now to the current DC extended movie universe with Zack Snyder and a Dark Knight Returns inspired look.

Most exciting is the addition of the props and wardrobe of Patty Jenkins’ critically-acclaimed Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, which was a defining cinematic release for the genre. Not only is the Dawn of Superheroes Exhibition to be the first of its kind to visit London, but it will also be one of the first showcases of memorabilia from 2017’s Wonder Woman.

Along with the sights and spectacles of the DC Exhibitions, you will also be treated to original scores from the soundtracks of various DC Entertainment productions, including pieces by Hans Zimmer and John Williams’ Superman theme song, which first featured in 1978 and has since been synonymous with the Man of Tomorrow.
The DC Exhibition: Dawn of Superheroes event will be held in the London O2 arena and its doors will open to the public from February 23rd, with pre-bookings for tickets now available.

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