Dawn of the Deaf Could Be the Most Unique Zombie Movie in Ages

Dawn of the Deaf

They say that the zombie sub-genre is almost dead. By “they”, I mean me. Multiple times. Almost to the point of it becoming my mantra. It’s a rare thing when you find a movie that’s worthy of your attention amidst all the low-budget, low-effort out there.

Even though it’s only a short film, Dawn of the Deaf is one of the most interesting things to come out of the sub-genre in quite some time.

Robert Savage quite clearly knows what he’s doing. With a razor sharp eye, he’s created something that lingers in the memory long after its twelve minutes are over. Without wanting to spoil too much, it’s a slow-burner (if such a thing is possible within the limitations of short film) that intrigues the more the minutes tick by.

Set in the United Kingdom, Dawn of the Deaf introduces you to its characters long before a strange transmission changes the majority of the population into something far more sinister. As for the minority? The deaf are the only ones left standing, opening up a new world of terrifying possibilities.

Dawn of the Deaf is an idea I would gladly see expanded into a full-length movie. It deserves support, so keep an eye out for it and support true horror innovation in the process.


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