Danny King’s ‘School for Scumbags’ to Become a Hollywood Film

School for Scumbags

Danny King’s School for Scumbags will soon be making its way to the big screen, according to Variety. It will be renamed ‘The Gafin Academy‘, but will still stick closely to its source material: a young delinquent being sent to reform school where they do anything but rehabilitate.

Image Movers and Voltage Films have chosen The Dowdle Brothers, John Erick and Drew, to direct, whose credits include Devil and Quarantine. Principal photography will begin this autumn with production duties falling to Craig Flores and Nicolas Chartier from Voltage Films in collaboration with Jack Rapke and Jackie Levine of Image Movers and Matt Sinnreich. David Matalon, Andrew Vajna, Voltage’s Jonathan Deckter and award-winning director Robert Zemeckis will take executive producer roles.

We spoke to Danny King about the project and what it means to see his novel make its way to the big-screen:

“I always loved heist movies as a kid (and heists when I was slightly older). The Hot Rock is still as fresh and as funny today as when it first came out. So to see School for Scumbags finally make it onto the big screen is a dream come true and the fruition of a lot of work and even more disappointments. But, when I think back to that quiet afternoon some 13 years ago, when I could be found wandering The British Museum with a camera to my eye, taking not pictures of the exhibits but of the security equipment, fire escapes and snoozing guards, it’s all been worth while. It may be a different museum in a different country that the boys go to work on, but they’re still my scumbags and I’m very proud to have unleashed them upon the movie industry.”

Danny’s screenwriting work on Wild Bill helped him land a BAFTA nomination while another film, Eat Local, is due out soon. The wordsmith has even been kind enough to write some pieces for us in the past, which you can read below:

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Be sure to check out School for Scumbags on Amazon to earn some cool points.

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