Cyberpunk Parkour Slasher Ghostrunner Launches Today

Slice and dice.


If you happen to think that Mirror’s Edge would have been so much better if you played as a cyberpunk ninja with a katana, one-hit killing fools all day long, you’re in luck. Ghostrunner from One More Level Games has launched today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


What Is Ghostrunner About?

In Ghostrunner, you play as a mysterious denizen of Dharma Tower, the last bastion of humanity after a cataclysm decimated the world. With the tower separated into various castes, inequality is rife, leading to a rebellion led by yourself. As you take the fight across the real world and cyber space, you encounter tonnes of enemies that you can slice through with your one hit kill katana. Just be careful, you’ll die in one hit too.


Will Ghostrunner Be Available On Next-Gen?

It sure will be, but the next-gen optimised version for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will only be launching at some point in 2021, meaning you have to wait a bit of time to truly see the benefits of the new hardware while playing Ghostrunner. That said, the game will be backwards compatible on next-gen, meaning you should still have reduced loading times. Should be useful if you’re stuck on a really difficult section.

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