CV ASKS: What’s Your Favourite Movie of 2018?

Which 2018 movie have you found hard to shake? Let us know!

mandy 2018

I’m probably the wrong person to be asking this as someone who only watches the biggest releases months after they release because my local cinema really isn’t up to much. But I’m asking it anyway because I need to feel the sweet grip of engagement.

What’s your favourite movie of the past twelve months? Is it superhero fare featuring spider lads that come down with an iffy tummy? Or is it something a bit more on the dramatic side that’s bound to be up for awards?

It’s hard for me to remember many of the movies I’ve watched this year (everything blurs when you live in front of a screen), but there is one movie that just keeps appearing in my mind when I think of 2018 at the movies: Mandy.

It’s basically the trifecta of what I look for in my movies: blood, weird visuals, and Nicolas Cage doing Cage things. He actually knocks it out of the park when a nefarious cult interferes in his life in a big way, leading to a final twenty minutes that’s just drenched in viscera. The closing shots are hard to shake.

What about you? What movies have you watched this year that you can’t help but continue to think about? On the flipside, what’s disappointed you?

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