Crackdown 3 Doesn’t Have Parties For Wrecking Zone Multiplayer

Weirdest story of the week contender?

In a move that’ll make you think it’s the mid-2000’s all over again, it’s been revealed through the official Crackdown 3 Discord that the game’s Wrecking Zone Multiplayer mode won’t support friend parties at launch. We decided to go with freaking out Terry Crews for the image on this one.

The comment, which has been reposted on Reddit, is from the official Crackdown 3 Discord account replying to another player about whether the game will support parties as the weekend’s technical test didn’t. The response is surprising for a game releasing in 2019.

No. Wrecking Zone does not support parties and will not at launch.

The official account goes on to further say that they have no information as to when parties will be added to the game, though Senior Creative Director for Microsoft Studios Joseph Staten replied to a fan on Twitter asking them to stay tuned for future updates. Seems like it’s in the pipeline at least.

The decision to not include parties on launch is a weird one, but there might be a reason for it. Windows Central speculate that the cloud powered physics and destruction of the multiplayer mode might experience latency when you’re matched with players who are incredibly far away, and removing parties ensures smoother play, but it’s still a strange omission for a 2019 release, especially one that’s marketing its online component so strongly.

At least there’s the co-op, right?

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